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Mosaic art is an attractive addition to decks, tabletops, and much more.

Each tiled piece is unique and can be adapted to any size you want.

For further information and pricing see contact information at the bottom of this page.


Texas Deck Art

22" x 15" with wooden backing and border. Designed to hang off deck railing or mounted on wall.

Pepper Top

Another sample of a great outdoor serving table. Pepper design can be incorporated into any size table. Just add wooden trim at edges.

Texas Swoosh

Want to own your own Texas swoosh? Can custom build to size for outdoor art (just mount on a wall or off a deck railing) or as a tabletop.

This example is used on a mobile kitchen island (below)

Mobile Kitchen Island

This 2'x2' mobile kitchen island tucks away when not in use and can be rolled to any convenient spot when extra counter space is needed.

Mosaic grout should be resealed annually.
Most mosaics are hardy and will withstand year-round temperatures.
They should however, be brought indoors during weather extremes.

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