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Whimsically based on the gods of Polynesia, Garden Guards are a fun and exotic way to enhance your garden and landscape. They can even stand sentry indoors.

Bury them a few inches into the ground for permanent placement or leave them mobile and "free to roam."

No two garden guards are the same as each piece has hand-carved details. Each piece is made of reinforced concrete, has been aged, and will withstand the rigors of time.

Size is 30" tall by approximately 4" square with a wider base for free-standing options..

For further information see contact information at the bottom of this page.


Guard of Water

Kane brings forth new beginnings and surely will encourage just the right amount of rain to water your garden. Not too much, just right.

Kane can stand alone or be happy "planted" anywhere.

Guard of Love

Love your garden? Your plants? Then Kiana can take on that task when you're not around to spread the love.

Kiana is thrilled to work behind-the-scenes in your landscape so you take all the credit for thriving foliage.

Guard of Protection

Always the sentry, Konga is the Maori, the warrior of the garden. He will protect against pestilence, weather, and the occasional neglect. However, you might need to assist Konga in these areas as we really can't offer guarantees.

Guard of Rising Sun

Just point Ku in the right direction - East, of course - and you'll have abundant sunshine for your herbs and all those other sun-loving plants.

Ku is a morning person, so it is best to expect his peak performance before noon.

Guard of Green

Lono is also a sun worshipper and is in charge of bringing lush green growth to your landscape. He likes flowerbeds, but prefers to stand tall amidst grasses and lush foliage.

Take Lono inside to provide service to houseplants while you're away.

Please note that legend should not be construed as fact.
Care of concrete sculpture: Do not drop or let fall. Reseal with water repellent every 3 years if exposed to weather.

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