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Wine Charms Have Many Uses

These delightful charms are not just for wine - they can be used in a variety of ways

When the wine charm craze began, it opened up a whole new world of wine glass identification. No more mixed-up glasses at parties. The little charms sprang up at shops around the world and some of them came with a nice little price attached.

Next, many people discovered how easy wine charms were to create at home. A trip to the hobby or bead store and wine charms become a popular do-it-yourself craft. Indeed, they are fun to make and so easy that everyone should try it.

The basics:

Needlenose pliers
Jewelers Wire, wire rings, or hoops
Beads and charms
Jump rings, if you want to add an extra dimension to the base hoop

Rings and hoops will already have one end that is flattened or curved. You don't want beads spilling all over the place if a ring pops open. Be sure the hoops are not too large; those can be annoying rattling around at the base of a wine glass.

You'll load your beads and charms and then, using the pliers, twist the opposite end of the hoop to a 45-degree angle so that it will slip into the opposing hole or circlet. You can find many unique add-ons in the jewelry supply sections of hobby stores.

You're not limited to craft-store beads. Check out the kids and party sections in stores for trinkets and other goodies that will make casual and fun wine charms.

Now that you are creating sets of wine charms, why not design a few for other uses? Wine charms make terrific gift tags for all occasions. Attach a set of four to the outside of a package and you've doubled the fun of gift-giving.

You can purchase plastic alphabet beads and personalize the tags - customize each hoop with differently colored beads or a themed charm. If you can find plain ceramic beads, decorate them yourself. You'll need a tiny paintbrush and the appropriate paint - just add a swoosh and you'll have instant one-of-a-kind charms. For even more distinction, make your own shapes with clay that can be baked in the oven. If you have some artistic skill, make several flat pieces and create mini-art with decorative paints.

These also make terrific little gifts to have on hand when you get caught short. Look for cute little containers or create a matchbook-style holder with fun papers and keep them tucked away for gift-giving emergencies.

Create sets of charms as adult party favors; they can double as place settings. Use them as napkin rings or create an entire gift set of trendy linen napkins or placement rolled and held closed with charms in complementary colors. In fact, anything that can be rolled can be contained with a wine charm.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for charms and beads at garage sales and at flea markets. Old jewelry can be taken apart or used as add-ons for your wine charms. On-line stores also offer multitudes of supplies, themed beads, and charms for a reasonable price.

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