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It Makes Scents to Add Aroma to your Home


Layer your home with scents that will become an important part of the decor

We often become immune to our home's smells. After a thorough cleaning or a new coat of paint, there is a lingering freshness. For everyday activities, however, the more common scents are comprised of sautéing onions, garlic, pets, and a host of other humanly activities. Many designers are stepping up with fresh ideas to cover those old aromas. In fact, just as you would decorate with varying textures and colors, enticing scents will create another welcoming layer.

The holidays always generate special scents that include bayberry and cranberry. Vanilla remains high on the list. Often, it's as simple as placing a few drops on an oven rack and setting the temperature on warm. Candles, warmers, plug-ins, and sprays all give you plenty of opportunities to coordinate your favorites. Once you find a signature house scent, it will be fun to figure out how to complement it in each room.

You can also change up the aromas as a mood enhancer. For parties, try something in a watermelon or mango. For romance, choose a rose scent. A fresh lemony breeze or spray of peppermint will always be a reminder of a clean space - and a mood-lifter to boot.

While essential oils are generally used in baths and for personal grooming, they can also be diluted for use anywhere in the home. Spray a shelf liner and let it dry or spritz your linens.

If you're sensitive to strong fragrances, try a neutralizer instead. Even a simple bowl of vinegar will eradicate strong odors in no time.

Before you go to the expense of more expensive fragrancing, experiment with some of the plug-ins and cones. They'll give you a quick sense of what works. From that limited scent palette, you can branch out into more adventurous aromas.

Remember, your home does not have to maintain a uniform smell. Bathrooms, closets, and home offices can be individually enhanced without competing. The trick is to choose appropriate fragrances that don't compete. Visit local boutiques and use testers to make comparisons. Soon, you'll be an exert on your own home's favorite fragrances.

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