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Home Decorating

Here we'll discover some unique ways to decorate along with ideas for making our living space more fun. Whether you're planning on settling in, remodeling, updating or even selling - we have tons of tips for you right here!

Hot Topics
Clay Table Decorations
Holiday Centerpieces
How To Make a Wreath

Guide to Apple Decor and Gifts

Art Collecting for Beginners

Art and Framing: How to Create Decorative Mats

Back Yard: Economical Decorating Ideas

Back Yard: Outer Limits of Design

Back yard privacy ideas

Bed Linen Buying Basics

Beds: Canopy Styling

Buying a Home for its Resale Value

Centerpieces: Holiday Ideas for the Table

Centerpieces: Ideas for Any Occasion or Season

Countertops: All About Laminates

Decorating from an Artistic Viewpoint

Decorating: Big Bold Colors

Decorating: Contemporary Design Ideas

Decorating: Contemporary Style

Decorating: Interior Design Basics

Decorating Ideas for Fall

(Budget) Decorating Ideas for Holidays

Decorating: Interior Design Quick Changes

Decorating: Oriental Style

Decorating: Small Spaces

Decorating: Southwestern Styles Overview

Decorating: Tramp Art

Decorating: Victorian Period

Display Cabinets (Curios)

Decorate with a Duvet that Does its Duty

Duvet Covers

Flower Arranging Basics

Flowers: Basic Styles

Flowers: Design Principles for Arrangements

How to Care for Fresh Cut Flowers

Flowers: How to Create a Line Arrangement

Flowers: How to Create a Line-Mass Arrangement

Flowers: How to Create a Mass Arrangement

Furniture: Teak Basics

Furniture: Advantages of Buying Unfinished

Furniture: When is Leather Really Leather?

Furniture: Leather Types

Grandfather Clocks: Heirlooms at Any Age

Heirloom Care Basics

Heirloom Fabrics Care

Heirloom Frames, Art, Paintings Care

Heirloom Furniture Care

Heirloom Garment Care

Heirloom Papers, Pictures, and Books

Heirloom Quilt Care

Holidays: Christmas Trees Deserve to be Decked Out

Home Decorating Style Guide

Kitchen Backsplashes: Stainless Steel

Preparing the interior of your home for sale

Preparing the exterior of your home for sale

How to improve the appearance of your deck

Kitchens: Island Overview

How to arrange pictures on a wall

Creative landscape edging ideas

Lighting Basics

Lighting in the Bathroom

Lighting: Compact Fluorescent Lights

Lighting in the Kitchen

Lighting Types

How to Choose a Mattress

Organization Basics for the Cluttered Life

Organization: How to Stash Your Stuff

Oriental Rug Basics

Decorative Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Living Ideas

Outdoor Rugs: Give a Patio the Red Carpet Treatment

Outdoor Shelters (temporary for entertaining)

Do-It-Yourselfer's Guide to Moving

Painting: Decorative Aging Technique

Painting: Decorative Antique Leather Technique

Painting: Decorative Colorwash Technique

Painting: Decorative Comb Technique

Painting: Decorative Linen or Canvas Technique

Painting: Decorative Ragging Technique

Painting: Decorative Spatter Technique

Painting: Decorative Sponge Technique

Painting: Say it with Spray

Painting: Decorative Stenciling and Stamping


Scent Ideas for the Home

Sewing-French door panel curtains

Sewing-Memory Pillows

Sewing-Tab Top Drapes

How to make your own Shower Curtain

Home Spa Scents

Spoil Yourself with a Home Spa

Stenciling With Plaster

Stone: Engineered Quartz

Make your own decorative switch plates

Trims and Tassels: Embellishing Home Decor

TV Buying Guide

TV Stand Buying Guide

Wall Coverings: Basic Tips for Beginners

Wall Coverings: Design Ideas

Wall Coverings: Glossary

Wall Coverings: Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper Supply List

Wallpaper Types

Water-Damaged Goods: How to Salvage

Take the Right Direction with Weathervanes

Faux Wicker Furniture

Wicker and Rattan - the Big Difference

Choosing a Window Treatment

Window Treatment Design Basics

Window Treatments: Mini Blinds

Window Treatment: Pillowcases to Cafe Curtains

Window Treatment: Vertical Blinds

Wine Cellars are Coming Out of the Closet

Wine Chiller and Cabinet Basics

Wreath Making Basics

Wreath Base Selection

Wreaths: How to Make a Holiday Wreath

Wreaths: Seasonal and Theme Ideas

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