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Our Home

Our Kitchen

Everything from decorating and remodeling to how to throw great parties
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Interesting how-tos and recipes from around the country and around the world
Our Kitchen Site Map

Need a little help with repairs? Check here for easy tips & tricks that just about anyone can do.
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Fun things and good eats, how-to tips for
growing in gardens and containers
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Critter watching and how to get birds and other interesting creatures to set up camp
Our Back Yard Site Map

Create your own planters, learn how to make mosaics, and other fun projects.
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Browse our Specialty and Seasonal Sections - all year long

Food, Entertaining, Gift Ideas!


Our House and Garden was created to provide a full range of helpful information on everything you need to keep a home running smoothly. Tips and tricks for improvements - both indoors and outside - are among the many informative items found in each section. You'll find a range of beginner's guides, also, that take you through step-by-step processes for such tasks as how to use a Chinese wok and even how to build a retaining wall.

Decorating is always great fun and we'll show you how to be creative on a budget. You can build a pit in the back yard or outfit a full kitchen, make curtains for French doors or decorate a Christmas tree - we offer tips on all these great projects. When you're ready to entertain for any occasion, you can find ideas for hosting the perfect brunch and setting out an exquisite buffet. Throughout this site, you'll literally find hundreds of subjects that will help make you the top host or hostess among your friends and family. We also provide some guidance on wedding planning, including how to choose the right dress along with the best photographer.

In the etiquette department, you can also pick up some pointers if you're in doubt about destination weddings or even how to eat those messy summertime foods. For those of you who love to cook, there's a full-featured section with recipes and how-to's ranging from basic information on such things as how to choose a grill or season your grandmother's cast iron skillet. If you love ethnic foods, or simply want to try some new dishes, we'll take you around the world with Mexican, Asian, and Caribbean cuisine. Yes, we even cover "Texas Ethnic" because it's so much fun! Other favorites include desserts, wine and, perhaps the best of all for many of us - cheese.

Do-it-yourselfer resources also provide guidance for those pesky little chores and things that often need fixing. Learn how to defrost a freezer or use a multi-tester for safe electrical repairs. We'll walk you through the basics of painting and show you a few tricks for specialty work including skiptrowel and decorative spatter techniques. Kids can get in on the act with some of the simpler painting methods.

In the outdoors, you'll find a treasure trove of ideas on how to attract hummingbirds or create a butterfly garden. A section on flowers and plants offers information on varieties and which habitats they'll thrive in.

When you're feeling the crafting urge, check out the hobbies and art sections. You may be tempted to try a mosaic table or build a hypertufa or concrete planter. We'll even show you how to make rocks. Learn how to make beautiful invitations by hand or etch glasses for great gifts. Other gifting ideas include decoupage, easy wine bags, and wine charms.

We hope you'll visit often. Look for new home improvement ideas, fresh recipes, and plenty more tips on throwing the best parties or simply making your life more enjoyable.

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