'Tis Our Season for
Parties and Gift-Giving

A bountiful list of tips and tricks
for hosting terrific parties
along with crafty ideas for decorating
and creating one-of-a-kind gifts
on a budget. Enjoy!

Enjoy recipes for holiday parties

Appetizer Tips

Baked Quiche Fondue

Black Bean Dip for a Crowd

Cheesy Cheeseballs

Cheese Coins & Twists

Cheese Sticks & Straws

Crab & Cream Cheese Dip

Hot Cheese & Crab Dip

Empanada Appetizers

Ideas for Using Mini Phyllo Shells

Grand Marnier, Chocolate & Almond Balls

Amaretto & Cheese-Filled Sponge Cake

A few Tips and Tricks
for hosting the
perfect party

Designing the Party Tray

The Perfect Buffet Table

Hosting an Evening Buffet

General Hosting Tips

Party Catering Tips

How to Hire a Caterer

Food & Guest Safety Tips

Champagne Tastes

Open Champagne with Finesse

The Well-Stocked Party Bar


Gifts from your Hands - & from your Heart!
A few gift ideas that are beautiful, yet inexpensive to create

Party Favor Ideas

Unique Layered Invitations

Etched Glasses

Wine Charms

Wine Gift Bags

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Clay Decorations for the Table

Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Holiday Decorating on a Budget

Basics of Flower Arranging

Santa Hat Placecards

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Basics of Making a Wreath

Selecting a Wreath Base

Make a Holiday Wreath

Seasonal Wreath Ideas

Have a Joyous Holiday!
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The holidays are fast approaching and it's time to get busy planning for parties and thinking about gifts (if you haven't already). We've included links to our favorite appetizers for smaller gatherings along with a couple of recipes that will please larger crowds. A few sweet items are also included to thrill those after-dinner taste buds.

We also have plenty of tips for planning and hosting parties. Ideas range from how to arrange a buffet table to keeping guests and food safe during the cold and flu season. After all, it's time for joy and giving of all things good. Our Christmas season kicks off with plans for stocking the party bar, with a few champagne tips thrown in. If you are going to spring for catering, you'll find a few helpful ideas in selecting one - as well as tricks for saving money in the process.

Of course, this is also the season for beautiful invitations. We'll show you how to make your own that will add a personal, yet elegant touch.

Decorating throughout the house and on the table is also an important part of the Christmas holiday. Discover a few ingenious ways to create fun arrangements - with flowers and wreaths, in particular, as well as clay if you're feeling really crafty. They're fun to make and will bring plenty of comments with their professional looks.

This is also the season for gifts from the heart. When times are tough, there are plenty of ways to show you care without spending a lot of money. Budget crafts can be so beautiful and they show you have taken time to make something special. Of course, it's all about the presentation, too! Browse our gift wrapping ideas for something that suits your fancy - and will certainly become treasures for friends and family. If you don't see ideas listed here, be sure to browse the individual hobbies and decorating sections for even more great ideas. We keep adding new ones all the time.

We also encourage you to visit Ah Ha Shops. You'll find custom gifts for everyone in the family, from infant wear to mugs for the office. Just click on the icon above and you'll be taken right to the front door. We currently utilize three trusted printing facilities, each selected for their particular printing skills as well as their secure ordering and quality customer service. If you see something you want on a product that's not shown, feel free to contact us and we'll check for availability. Always keep shipping charges in mind. If you have questions about those, we'll be glad to help.

Look for those special moments this holiday season - the times that will create memories or simply make you smile for a brief time. Remember, you're always welcome here - at Our House and Garden.

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