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Bird Friendly Holiday Decorating

Help out birds and other creatures with a few holiday decorating projects

You can create an attractive outdoor display and give a little food boost to the birds in your yard at the same time. Some items can be made at home and others you may want to purchase.

The long-standing tradition of stringing popcorn (unsalted/unflavored) and cranberries is still a popular project for kids and adults alike. Other standbys include pine cones coated in purchased birdseed and peanut butter. Do not give birds or other animals straight peanut butter as it will be too gummy. And don't be tempted to give them sugar candies such as gumdrops, either, as these are very gummy. Fresh fruits such as apples and oranges, however, can be cut up and strung for the birds.

Other "condiments" can include unshelled peanuts, breadcrumbs, and cereal.

When stringing, use fishing line and an extra-large sewing needle for a long-lasting decoration.

If you have trees in the back yard, these are perfect backdrops for strings of food. A small evergreen is perfect, but even branches of a larger tree can be used.

You can also purchase specialty seed to attract a variety of species to your back yard. Millet is an attraction to finches and you may see a bountiful array of songbirds by putting out safflower and sunflower seeds. Pre-made wreaths of seeds will cost more but the birds will certainly flock to your yard to take advantage of the bounty.

Don't limit your goodie strings to the holidays. Birds need plenty of extra nourishment throughout the winter. Once they find your back yard, you'll want to keep them coming back until spring when a natural food supply will become abundant once again.



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