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Birdbath Selection

You'll find a great selection of birdbaths in today's marketplace.
Here are few to review.

These swimming pools and drinking fountains are for the birds! This list is an overview of different models and styles for today's discerning bird.

Pedestal models remain popular and are easy to set up and maintain.

Concrete is a recommended surface and many have an embedded decorative motif. Concrete ages well, but should be handled with care. If dropped or if the unit falls over, it may crack. Also, when mold begins to take hold, it can be difficult to remove so regular cleaning is important. You can even make your own bowl out of cement and sand if you find a truly unique pedestal base.

Pedestals typically come in two pieces. Decorative bowls can be made of mosaics in an array of designs. Bowls are also made of plastic and ceramic materials.

Plastics and resin cast pedestals are available in a variety of patterns and styles, and they're weather-resistant. Some bases can be filled with sand for added stability.

If you like the sound of a babbling brook, look for solar-powered baths; the circulating water also prohibits mosquito larvae growth. These will need to be placed in a sunny location.

The newer copper baths are beautiful and some are solar-powered as well. Mini-fountains in the center of the bowl will certainly be attractive to birds.

You can choose more distinctive styling with wrought iron bases. They are subtle and simple. Bowls of your design choice are usually sold separately. Some, just as in many pedestal models, can be heated for winter bird bathing.

Hanging bird baths are also plentiful. Hang at any location: from tree branches or from special hooks off a deck or other convenient and practical location.

Deck railing has become a hot spot for bird baths. Mount these shallow bowls directly to top railings. They are perfectly molded for perching and playing in the water. Some can be manually tilted to the side to drain. Some models are available in half-circles to fit on the sides of rails.

To prevent stagnant water, purchase an agitator for any size bowl. Some require an electrical cord while others are battery-operated.

Check with your local animal supply house or home improvement store for extras to outfit your birdbath. For some birds and bird-watchers, it's all about style!



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