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Chinese Sacred Lily


Bring this beautiful plant into your home for winter cheer

Long associated with the Chinese lunar new year, the sacred lily is a popular holiday flowering gift. It is typically grown in water and supported by stones, so the chosen container can be quite dramatic as part of the display.

The Chinese sacred lily is known by many names, including shui xian hua, Narcissus tazetta v. orientalis, angle flower, and spirit of the water. In most parts of the country, it is a short-lived plant that blooms for two weeks and then begins to fade.

In Zones 8-10, however, some people report prolific growth with continued blooming. Most experts, however, say that it is much easier to discard the plant rather than attempting to coax future growth and blooms from the plant. It especially will not re-bloom in an indoor pot, but must be transplanted outdoors. Those that bloom in water among stones are especially unsuited for transplantation.

In addition, it is not actually a lily, but a member of the narcissus family. The Chinese sacred lily also exudes a much more pleasant aroma than others in its species.

Nonetheless, this beautiful plant is inexpensive and is a great winter gift plant. Sacred lilies with the best blooms have been set in a dark place for a month and allowed to root. To encourage blossoms, place in sunlight as much as possible and add fresh water about every 4 days. Maintain a water level at the base of the bulb, but no higher. Keep them in a sunny spot even when blooming for more upright stems.

The Chinese sacred lily is considered toxic and should be kept away from children and pets.


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