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The Easy to Grow Nun's Orchid

You don't have to master orchid growing techniques to enjoy the Nun's Orchid

If you want the showiness of an orchid without the hassle of a greenhouse setting and other finicky conditions, then the Nun's orchid is the perfect plant. It is also known as Phaius tankervilliae or P. grandifolius.

Nun's Orchid is identified by the shape of the blooms - much like a nun's hood and, in particular, reminiscent of The Flying Nun. Colors will vary - vanilla with magenta tinge as well as reds, browns, and yellows.

This particular orchid species also has beautiful leaves, which makes it a pretty plant even when it's not in bloom.

In spring, it will shoot out 4-foot spikes and the blooms will start bursting forth on the stalk. You can expect to enjoy the colors for at least 4-6 weeks (even longer in some conditions).

The Nun's Orchid loves particular temperatures, but is also hardy to 40 degrees. Days that range from 75-85 degrees with night temperatures no lower than 55 are ideal. It can be a landscape plant in some areas, but makes a perfect container presentation as well. It can enjoy the outdoors part of the year then become a houseplant for the remainder.

It can tolerate soil conditions much better than most orchids. Give it good, rich soil that drains well and a monthly fertilizer in the growing season. The Nun's orchid also develops a good root system and seems to prefer deep containers. Filtered sun, usually works best.

Grow several and you'll have cut flowers in the spring to fill up vases with a burst of color. These plants can be divided and seeds can be collected from the pods.




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