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Join us as we plant, dig, and learn more about the growing process.

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Hot Topics

Clay Table Decorations
Holiday Centerpieces
How To Make a Wreath

Blackberries: Picking and Storing

Chinese Sacred Lily

How to start an herb garden

Container Gardening: Pots are Hot

Container Gardening: Succulents

Container Fruit Trees-how to grow

Container Trees-evergreen and deciduous

Crape Myrtle Basics

Fire Resistant Landscaping Basics

Fire Safety: Home Perimeter

Greenhouse Basics

Growing Peppers on the patio

Growing Tips: Bell Peppers

Houseplant Potting Basics

Houseplant Troubleshooting

Organic Gardening Overview

Nun's Orchid

Perennial Division

Pests: Grub Worms

Plant Propagation: Tip Cuttings

Plant Pruning Basics

Planting: Plan it on Paper

Plants: Acclimating for Winter Indoors


Plants: Allium Basics

Plants: Amaryllis Basics

Plants: Begonia Basics

Plants: Black-Eyed Susan

Plants: Caladium Basics

Plants: Calla Lily Basics

Plants: Canna Basics

Plants: Chrysanthemum Basics

Plants: Dahlia Basics

Plants: Daylily Basics

Plants: Geranium Basics

Plants: Gladiola Basics

Plants: Gloxinia Basics

Plants: Hibiscus Basics

Plants: Hosta Basics

Plants: Hydrangea Basics

Plants: Iris Basics

Plants: Ivy Basics

Plants: Lily Basics

Plants: Marigold Basics

Plants: Ornamental Grasses

Plants: Peony Basics

Plants: Phlox Basics

Plants: Poinsettias

Plants: Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac

Plants: Scented Geranium Basics

Plants: Scented Geranium Types

Plants: Tuberose Basics

Plants: Zinnia Basics

Plants: Basic Shade Garden Ideas

Plants and Flowers: Ideas for Fall

Rock Garden Overview

Desert Rock Garden Basics

Rosemary Tree Care

Shrub Pruning Basics

Succulents: Creating Topiaries and Hanging Baskets

Tomatoes: Heirloom

Tree Care Basics

Turf Replacement Tips

Water Container Gardens: Indoors

Watering Cans

Witch Hazel Selection Basics

Landscaping Networx

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