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Divide Perennials at the Right Time for Healthy Growth


Dividing Perennials keeps them healthy and brings them back bigger and better

Many annuals will be tossed out in due time, while perennials need a little tender loving care before the winter hibernation cycle begins. This is especially true of those that tend to proliferate to the point of taking over their neighbors.

Not only can a perennial expend beyond its boundaries, in the process it may lose some of its luster as well. Plant division will corral those wayward roots and keep your perennials healthy.

If your perennial plants are spring bloomers, they should be uprooted and divided at the onset of cool weather; early November in our part of the world. Our fall flowering perennials will get a good dose of splitting in the spring.

Dividing a plant is traumatic and should be done as quickly as possible to lessen shock to the root system.

Always plan ahead and have all the tools and essential required to complete the process in a swift manner. You never want to prolong exposed roots to sun or air temperatures.

Remember, you're going to end up with at least twice as many plants. Decide ahead of time where they will go: in new spots or into containers to give away. By the way, these can make terrific gifts as some perennials can be pretty costly when purchased at a nursery.

If you are going to be re-planting the divided perennials, then dig the holes ahead of time and have them ready. You can even fill with a little water to prepare the soil.

When digging up the original plant, be sure to go deep and wide so as to not disturb the main root system. Pull the plant apart in two or more divisions or separate with a sharp knife. Place the plants immediately back into the ground or into a prepared container.

If, for some reason, the plants have to sit exposed for more than a few minutes, place them in a pail of water and cover them.

Before you replant or pot, trim away any sickly leaves and roots. These can be composted or discarded.

When you are done, you can easily expect to have abundant new greenery and flowers from those happy perennials.

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