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Fall Flower and Plant Ideas


Fall color is not limited to the burst of mums at garden centers; many other annuals and perennials can add texture and depth to a garden.

In the fall, thoughts of colors turn to brilliant reds and oranges. Along with these shades, a burst of chrysanthemums makes an appearance across the landscape as if to complement the change of leaf colors. The always-popular mums are not the only choices for fall. A full range of annual and perennial plants can survive well into the winter months.

Some pansy strains are becoming a fall favorite. Unlike their name, these tough plants - with their wide array of colors - make wonderful statements in a flowerbed.

Our favorites include ornamental cabbage and kale. They are so pretty in huge planters on the deck and can thrive until temperatures dip below the twenties.

Here are a few suggestions for the fall garden:

-Phlox, grows up to 40 inches in height, fragrant blooms appear into early fall.
-Red sedum creeper is a hardy groundcover that can withstand some extreme temperatures. Flowers in summer then turns red in fall.

If you want a dainty plant for entryways, the fairy rose is hardy enough to last until a hard frost. They hold up well in containers and grow up to 3 feet in height.

Buddleias are an asset in any garden. They grow tall and host a range of colors. In Zones 5 and 6, they may die back, but will spring forth in early summer.

Grasses make a beautiful backdrop to all of these and some lower-profile species can act as border control.

These fall planting ideas will get you started. Check with your local grower for advice on location and fertilization.

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