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Scented Geranium Types


Wondering which scented geraniums to choose? Here's a brief rundown of the favorites.

We already know they're not true geraniums - they're Pelargoniums. And the range of scents can go from sweet to minty to downright stinky. If you're beginning a scented geranium collection, you may want to use them in cooking or for their aroma. These little sachets of flavorings and scents also make terrific gifts.

The varieties listed below will be familiar to seasoned growers. They all make good starter plants for the beginner.

-Apple - well known for its cider scent. Compact plant with flowers that branch and trail.

-Apple Mint - a plant for hanging baskets.

-Candy Dancer - lemon to rose scent. Plant is compact with thick growth.

-Coconut - does not smell like its name.

-Grapefruit - citrusy scent like its name.

-Lemon - identified as P. crispum. Highly popular for its perfect lemon scent. Landscape (when pruned) or hanging basket. Bring indoors and the room will fill with the aroma.

-Nutmeg - a compact plant that will be happy in a hanging container.

-Old-Fashioned Rose - used mainly in rose oils and makes a perfect container plant. Cook in jams and jellies. Dry for potpourri.

-Orange - use in salads and in teas and sauces; also with fish.

-Peppermint - strongest aroma of all the mint varieties. Fast-growing and shade-loving.

-Peppermint Lace - minty and strong aroma. A fast grower. Use in sweets and sauces.

-P. capitatum - a rose variety that sprawls. Great in the landscape. Use in sweet batters and puddings.

-Skeleton Rose (also called Dr. Livingston) - blend of lemon and rose. Fern-like with rosy blooms. A good outdoor plant for zones 8-10. Pot and overwinter inside elsewhere.

-Strawberry - a nice berry/citrus blend. Use for hanging baskets. Also called Countess of Scarborough.

Remember, the name often belies the true aroma from a scented geranium. Before buying, scratch the underside of a leaf to discover its true smell.

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