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Quick Cleanup Tips for the Kitchen


Try these handy little tips for kitchen cleanup

Cleaning up is always easier if it's done on the spot. Don't let those drips dry - mop up those messes as soon as they happen. You'll be saving yourself time and effort later after they've hardened and become part of the scenery.

-Keep cleaning items nearby - they're always easier to grab if you don't have to leave the room. In fact, keep location-specific supplies in bathrooms, kitchens, and the laundry.

-Purchase surgical or rubber gloves in bulk and keep a pair or two with each cleaning group.

-Save the plastic bags from groceries and stuff them in an empty tissue box or other storage container. They're perfect for quick throwaways when preparing any food. Just tie them up and put in the kitchen trash. They can also be transported to the outdoor trash container if you're worried about odors.

- Line vegetable drawers in the fridge with paper towels. If any item goes bad or turns mushy, it will be much easier to clean up.

-You can store some vegetables in plastic bags; just be sure they're separated from any items that emit ethylene gas (such as apples). Ventilate the bags for air circulation; if one piece begins to rot, it will be much easier to remove.

-For baked on spills in the microwave, keep a small spray bottle filled with water or vinegar handy. Wet the interior surfaces, place a microwave-proof cup of water or vinegar in the center and set on high for a few seconds. Spills will wipe right up with the gentle swipe of a paper towel.

-If you use the smaller two-set containers of butter, save them for these uses: fill with single-serving size puddings, Jell-O or other desserts. The tubs are dishwasher safe. Also, the lids can be placed under drippy jars in the fridge to prevent messes. Items like Worcestershire and salsas can become particularly messy.

-When making cornsticks or muffins of any type, remove all the drips from the edges. Once they have baked on, that means extra scrubbing.

-Fill one large easy-to-clean bowl in the sink and fill it with water. Place your smaller ingredient bowls in to soak while you finish meal preparation.

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