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Canine First Aid Kit Contents

You can shop around for pet first aid kits
or make your own

If a dog is part of your family, then it's time to put together a first aid kit that will be handy if your pet has an emergency. This means that, just like human kits, you should be prepared with both supplies and the knowledge to handle a range of situations.

Local pet supply stores and online businesses will have plenty of options for purchasing complete kits or building your own. For canines, you may also need to take a trip to the discount drug mart for some items - that will certainly save a little.

Pre-made kits come in several sizes that include travel, pocket size, standard, and deluxe. You can also find kits that are location-specific such as outdoors, hunting, hiking, and for home use.

First and foremost, a pet owner should make two purchases. One is an instruction/safety manual for pet first aid. The second is a muzzle of some type; it can be a roll of soft gauze, an extra leash, or a regular muzzle-type apparatus. No matter how gentle a dog is when it is feeling well, if it is in pain, the first reaction is to bite. If you can constrain your pet before beginning emergency procedures, your job will be much easier. Ideally, too, if you have an emergency situation, it is always advisable to have a second person available to help with the handling.

Basic, small kits should include such items as:
-gauze pads
-gauze roll
-vet wrap
-burn and antibiotic ointment
-latex gloves
-cleaning wipes
-alcohol wipes for equipment and hands
-plastic baggies

An expanded home kit would also contain:
-first aid cream
-hydrogen peroxide
-large cotton applicators
-thermometer (pet approved)
-gel pack for burn relief
-activated charcoal
-Benadryl (check with your vet to determine amount per dog's size and per type of emergency)

If you plan to travel these items should be added:
-extra leash
-collapsible water bowl
-required medications
-immunization records
-rubber syringe for washing out eyes and ears
-eye wash

Most sporting and outdoor kits should have these items
-skin stapler
-snakebite kit
-cold packs
-flashlight w/emergency beacon

Always be sure, before you purchase any of these items, that they are approved for use on canines.




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