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First Aid Kit Supplies for the Home

What's in your first aid kit? Put your own kit together from this supply list.

Commercial first aid kits are sometimes filled with too much of the things you don't need; for instance, they may be stocked with too many small adhesive bandages that will never be needed.

You won't necessarily save money by building your own first aid kit, but you will have the supplies you and your family need to meet most emergency situations. While you're collecting supplies, keep travel kits in mind. They do not have to contain every single item, but should be a scaled-down version to take care of scrapes, headaches, and other minor incidents.

One important asset of a first aid kit is a guide to emergencies. It should be a recent imprint as some treatments are updated or found to be detrimental over time. Read the manual and go over pertinent information with family members. Once the first aid kit is assembled, make other family members aware of what it contains.

A basic home kit should include:
-adhesive bandages in most-used sizes
-stretch gauze
-large non-stick pads
-self-adhering wrap
-stretch (Ace) bandage
-antibacterial ointment
-antiseptic wipes
-burn ointment or spray
-anti-itch cream
-waterproof tape
-eye wash
-ice pack
-stomach relief tablets
-anti-diarrheal tablets
-pain relief cream
-sterilized needles
-alcohol wipes to sterilize hands and equipment
-latex gloves
-plastic baggies

Winter preparation should include:
-throat drops
-chest rub
-nasal saline and spray
-cough drops
-nasal decongestant

Additional items might include:
-bee sting treatment
-insect repellent
-cold packs
-finger splint
-water bottle
-activated charcoal
-butterfly bandages

For disaster preparedness you should add these items:
-stored drinking water
-flashlights with emergency flasher and extra batteries
-portable radio
-bleach for purifying water
-canned goods
-can opener
-protective rain gear
-trash bags
-duct tape

You may have other essential items to add to this list. Keep first aid kits out of the reach of small children. Check expiration dates and discard/replace when necessary. Always check with a physician before treating any type of poisoning at home.




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