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Keep Your Cool with a Home Misting System

From tubing to fans, back yard misting systems can make a big difference in summer enjoyment - without getting all wet

The popularity of misting systems may have started with outdoor restaurant seating, but it has escalated with home models in a range of prices and complexity.

As many people have become homebodies in recent years, back yard living amenities have also come to the forefront with manufacturers. However, when the temperatures begin to climb, the love of outdoor living can quickly decline.

When tiny streams of water are ejected through miniature nozzles into the atmosphere, they evaporate and at the same time lower the surrounding temperatures. No one below gets wet but the cooling vapors can be felt.

The first units were comprised of coiled plastic tubing (for stability) with two nozzles at the tip. They were placed on the ground and shot the spray horizontally. A very big hit in the beginning. They were soon followed by flexible rope-like tubing with multiple heads that could be easily attached at the roof line.

Today, there are two main types: fans and lines. The line systems are the same as was mentioned just above. They continue to decrease in price and operate off a garden hose hookup. However, these systems often do not have enough water pressure to dissipate all the droplets. You may get damp, especially on windy days with downdrafts. Make sure the heads are tilted upward or at a 45-degree angle to help stay dry. Pumps can be purchased that keep the water pressure at high enough levels, but these are pricier, of course.

Fan systems are available utilizing a hose connection and forced air from water-resistant blades. Cooling rings are also available that attach to the fan. These units are stand-type and must be rated for wet locations.

The nozzles on lines will clog eventually and must be replaced. This is easy and replacements are packaged in groups of four, six or more.

If you're handy with pvc pipe, have the right connectors, glue, and a drill, you can make your own system. You'll need a package of the replacement nozzles and clamps that will attach to the roofline. Get creative and set up a framework for a gazebo, or simply over an open-air entertainment area.




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