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Our Handyman
Check in with Our Handyman if you need a little help around the house. Tips and tricks for homemaintenance are listed here along with projects that can usually be completed in a weekend.

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The Handyman is here to help with a few tips and techniques for taking care of things around the house. You can find information for beginners as well as for advanced do-it-yourselfers in a simplified format. For instance, if you want to get creative with a miter box and saw, we'll show you how easy it is. If you're selecting toolkits for the first time as a new apartment dweller or a homeowner, you can find the basics for a useful selection.

Maintenance is another ongoing issue, whether it's washing down an air conditioner or keeping a garbage disposal working properly. In this section, the basics are covered that may just keep appliances and equipment running a little longer.

Because we have undergone past remodels and have built a house from scratch, we can also assist with some more advanced projects. From tiling a floor to painting walls and ceilings, we have a few useful and practical tips to make any job easier. Outdoor projects range from installing French drains to building retaining walls.

Remodels are both exciting and frustrating, and we can help in such areas as selecting cabinets or overhauling unused basement space. In our troubleshooting pieces, you can get rid of pantry pests or discover you may have excess moisture around the home by the presence of sowbugs.

Once you've fixed things up, it's time to hop over to the Our Home Decorating section to find advice on various paint texturing or how to create a private patio space. Find ideas on everything from choosing countertop laminates to window treatments and much more.

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