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Fiber cement siding has been around for decades and is still proven to be one of the best for homes in all locales

Fiber cement siding is as strong as its name implies. It is also attractive and economical when compared to wood siding products. While we have a fondness for stucco - both inside and out - our latest home building budget prevented its use. The neighborhood covenants also restricted the siding selection.

As we looked at the possibility of incorporating fiber cement siding, we realized what a smart option it was. To begin, it was available locally at the big-box home improvement stores.

There are many advantages.

Fiber cement siding does not have the problems that arise from wood planks. It does not attract termites (although the interior wood parts will remain vulnerable). It does not shrink or expand with moisture, cold, or heat. That means the paint should last longer as it will not bubble and crack. No rotting, no warping.

Fiber cement siding is resistant to flames, high winds, and other dastardly elements. That means it is a good choice anywhere in the world, regardless of hazards.

We found only two brands when we began shopping for fiber cement siding. Ours came with a 50-year transferable warranty. We have heard reports that this siding will last many more years than that.

It came pre-treated and sealed on the back. It does require painting. Installation must be done properly and workers must be protected from the ensuing silica dust when cutting the planks. The planks are heavy, due to content, and will break if dropped. Sawblades are dulled quickly when cutting multiple planks.

The plank type we selected had a wood grain and was primered a neutral color with a greenish tinge. It came in 12-foot lengths. You can purchase fiber cement siding in a range of widths. The nails should not be exposed to weather. All precautions should be taken as to caulking cracks.

Fiber cement siding is readily available. Check with your local contractor or home improvement store for best pricing.


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