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LG Side-by-Side LSC27935ST Refrigerator Review

An Exclusive Our House and Garden Large Appliance Review

The days of refrigerators lasting 10, 15, or even 20 years apparently are gone. According to some, five is the best to expect. For our new GE side-by-side, purchased in 2004, that was a little bit too much. It suffered some well-reported problems by its third year: a repeating frozen water dispenser line and major puddling from the front. After having to replace the base of a cabinet next to it and continually leaving the door open to unfreeze the tubing, enough was enough. Also, with our spate of unfortunate experiences with other GE appliances, it was time to flee the brand.

Enter our new LG large-capacity side-by-side

It was sleek and black (just what we love) and it was priced right with a discount from Home Depot. For our modest lake house, we try not to go overboard; avoiding high-end items won't affect the value, but it will certainly impact our pocketbook). Sure, we read the reviews and not all were positive, but the LG brand seemed to be the best of the lot.

The Good (But Short) Points

It was with great expectations when the delivery team pulled down the drive. They were efficient and friendly. Out with the old; in with the new. Setting up was fairly easy. However, a front hose had been crushed at some earlier time (not their fault), so some trimming and re-attaching took care of the problem. Our old fridge had copper tubing at the back and installers won't handle that part of the process. Copper is too finicky and they can't be responsible for breakage. Not a problem (note: next time a plumber comes, that gets replaced).

Here's what we liked:

- - Two wider bins in the door that can hold liter soft drink bottles, gallons of milk. While we might questions keeping milk there due to temperature considerations, it's also great for wine.
- - The meat/cheese/snack bin is really nice; a feature the GE did not have.
- - Bright interior lighting at various locations.
- - An extra-tall cavity for dispensing water/ice/crushed ice. Sized for pitchers.
- - Appearance - it is beautiful in our opinion.

The Ugly

Too bad you can't really test-drive a fridge.

- - First, the thing is loud; really, really loud. The installer told us that's due to energy efficiency motors becoming smaller and, therefore, louder. They also run longer.

- - The top shelf can't be blocked with taller items. That's where the air vent is located - right at the middle.

- - The freezer compartment is a bit narrower compared to our old GE. LG did increase the fridge compartment size. If we didn't already have a separate freezer, this would have been a problem.

- - Ice bin is noisy. Even when it's full, the fall of cubes rings throughout the house, day and night.

- - Ice maker can't keep up. Even with the Turbo setting on, it can't keep up with two adults. Granted, we're heavy users, but we now need extra ice trays on a lower shelf.

- - Freezer shelves are not adjustable. Not that big of a deal.

Sure enough, after six months the filter sensor started blinking. Time to replace it. That was not an easy, efficient or economical task. Home Deport didn't carry replacements and it looks the choices are either Amazon or a Brand manufacturer site (plus shipping). That's another $120+ every year.

The Bottom Line

Not sure. Other brands are getting slammed by consumers. And many models in this price range ($1200+) just aren't as sexy. Sure, we've been known to sacrifice practicality over a little sleekness. But the problem lies in which model and brand we would choose if we had do-overs. Would it be an even trade?

After 18 months, it still runs (loudly) and still runs out of ice (often), but it hasn't leaked or frozen up, yet. I'll be updating if there are any problems.




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