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Apple-Themed Gift Basket

Fall reminds us of apples and this is the perfect time to create a personal gift basket for old friends and new neighbors

Apples are loved by just about everyone and you cannot go wrong in creating a special gift basket filled with apple surprises. These gifts are easy to put together and will make a terrific welcome or thank-you gift.

Fall is when apples reach their peak growing season and when thoughts turn to pies and caramel dipping. A cook's basket will be greatly appreciated if you know the recipient is proficient in the kitchen. If they have kids, you can be sure that a caramel dipping set and recipe suggestions will stir up some fun.

Scour the discount stores and garage sales for unique baskets. They do not have to have apples painted on them, but those are really more fun. Don't limit your choices to wicker or similar materials; check the section that carries metal items as well.

You'll need a basket big enough to hold a few real apples along with your selection of gift items.

Next, check the tablecloth aisle; red gingham is perfect and can do double duty as your basket liner. A set of dishtowels would also work. You can also use red bandannas to line the basket.

Look for wide red ribbon to finish off the basket design: tie a big red bow on the handle and leave the ribbons long enough to trail over the basket's sides.

Filling the basket is easy and fun. You can fill it with all the supplies for baking a pie or making caramel apples, as mentioned above.

Other options include: making up a hot spiced cider mix and placing it in jars with apple labels. Visit your favorite store's health food section and add a few bags of dried apples or trail mix.

Shop around for cute novelty items such as an apple-shaped cookie cutter, red sprinkles, and perhaps an apple-shaped candle.

Make a recipe basket and add a cookbook along with your own favorite recipes. Include all the basic apple kitchen supplies such as a corer, wedger, and peeler. Add a pot holder and a trivet and your gift basket will be deliciously perfect!

Your basket design can be as elaborate as your imagination. You may even want to keep several items on hand for last-minute gifts. Just set aside a gift drawer or box, fill it up, and you'll always be prepared.


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