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Fun Clay Table Decorations

Have fun and create whimsical or casual table decorations with polymer clay

Polymer clays are easy to work with, shape, bake, and paint. The table is the perfect place to create fun clay items at place settings or to simply add a little color.

You can involve the kids or create these yourself; either way they'll add a casual and fun touch to the tabletop. Don't worry if you aren't an artist; you'll find plenty of objects to make that won't require training.

We recommend the flexible variety for many projects as it won't break when bending after the baking period. Purchase the color packs and you can mix and match to get just about any color. For instance, equal parts red and blue will make purple.

Polymer clay will let you be as simple or detailed as you want. The following ideas are for simple table decorations that can be used as place cards or simply scattered about the table as a conversation piece.

When creating any of the following, you'll want to have a flat surface that will sit flat on the table and is raised or rounded on the top. For place holders, you can create a groove through the middle with the dull side of a knife.

If using pre-colored clay, you can add as many embellishments as desired. These can be tiny flowers or balloons with trailing stems and strings. For Easter eggs, add raised zigzags and polka dots. Have the kids make unique faces for Halloween pumpkins. Add painted-on initials for each family member if not making grooved decorations.

Your clay tabletop decorations will accept most paints, but craft paints seem to work best. They do not have to be large to gain attention, either. Once you begin to experiment, you'll find your creations becoming more elaborate. Use them for birthday parties, adult get-togethers, barbecues, or any festive occasion.

Basic Clay Tabletop Decoration Ideas

Valentine's Day hearts
Easter eggs
Spring and summer sunflowers
Fall leaves
Halloween pumpkins
Thanksgiving gourds and harvest corn
Christmas stockings
Winter snowmen

Your favorite polymer clay will come with a guide for baking and detailed how-to instructions for additional crafts. Also, visit polymer clay web sites for more fabulous creations that you can do at home.

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