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How to make a mold for concrete or plaster projects

Make your own concrete rocks and other types of shapes with these simple silicone molds

Dress up your landscape with entire walkways of stepping stones that you have made yourself. Making multiple concrete or plaster objects will be easier by starting with one or two molds. Silicone rubber molds are easy to make and will last through many castings.

First, purchase a selection of flat stones in one, two, or more shapes. They should be reasonably equal in depth if you are recreating stones for a walkway.

Wash the stones and let them dry.

Spray the tops of the stones with a clear acrylic sealer. Let the first coat dry. You may wish to apply a second coat.

Purchase several tubes of the most economical clear silicone-based caulking (or sealant) at a discount or home improvement store. You will also need a caulking gun.

Load the caulking gun.

Fill a small bowl with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid

You will also need a spray bottle of chemical free household cleaner to act as a mold release. Cooking spray will also work.

Spray the cleaner on the rock in one small section at a time. Squirt caulk on top. Dip your finger in the soap solution and begin spreading the caulk on the area with cleaner. The cleaner will allow the mold to release from the sealed rock. The soap will prevent the caulk from sticking to your fingers.

Be sure to caulk the entire area thoroughly, leaving no air pockets. A thickness of at least ¼ inch should be sufficient for the mold to withstand several castings. Build up a base of thicker silicone caulking around the edges to prevent tearing when you begin using the mold. However, you do not want to let the silicone material build up as a lip; the mold will not come off without tearing.

When finished, allow the mold to dry in a warm place for at least two hours. You can test for dryness by pressing on the silicone. If it feels mushy, it is not ready.

Carefully begin raising the mold away from the stone starting at one edge. It will stretch and should release itself from the original rock with ease.

Now, it is ready to be filled with either concrete or other type of mixture for your very own set of handmade stones.

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