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Nostalgic Decoupage Ideas

Decoupage is a fun and thrifty way to create long-lasting gifts for kids and adults alike

The art of decoupage remains easy and fun; all it takes is patience for the lengthy drying times and a few supplies. Planning ahead is essential if you want to decoupage for nostalgic gifts. At the start of a new year, sit down and make a list of birthdays. Now, you can begin collecting supplies, pictures, and the bases for some fantastic projects.

The best places to find inspiration are at flea markets, garage sales, and antique malls. You may run across old cookbooks, magazines, coffee table books, poetry volumes, and children's picture books. These are great sources for the pictures needed to create unique and practical gifts. Comic books or any source with thin paper and double-sided printing will cause bleed through and the glues may cause the sheet to become transparent. Old wooden stepstools, breadboxes, small tables or children's rockers and chairs should also be on the list, depending on the age of the giftees on your list. Other items could include old wooden jewelry or cigar boxes, cd racks or cabinets, and chests.

Now, you can begin putting together themes. If the pages are in good shape, you may want to leave them intact. If not, use sewing scissors to trim around the graphics. You can combine poems with pages from a children's book or recipes with pictures from coffee table books or magazines. Depending on the shape of your base, these can be artfully arranged to create a beautiful and fun scene that will bring back memories for friends and family. And there is no better way to liven up a child's room than with playful picture book characters that adorn the furniture. Parents will adore them, too.

This is a terrific project for cold winter days. Just be sure to follow instructions regarding humidity, ventilation, and temperature ranges for the paints, sealers, and topcoats. You'll be done before you know it and will have a host of beautiful decoupaged gifts ready to wrap and give.

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