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Etched Glass Crafting

If you enjoy the elegance of etched glass, you can create your own gift pieces at home

Etched glasses, coasters, pitchers, and plates are beautiful and elegant. With the proper supplies, these pieces are reasonably easy to create at home. When personalized, they are wonderful for wedding showers, anniversary gifts, or any occasion that requires a unique touch.

For glass etching, a ¼-inch thickness at minimum is best. Glass coasters can be purchased at supply houses. They may have scrap pieces or pre-cut squares; the squares will need to be ground along the edges and on the corners.

Glasses, plates, and heavier items can be found at any discount store. It's wise to pick up an extra piece for practice.

Adhesive lettering and designs can be found at hobby and craft stores. You can choose large letters for monogramming and vases or larger pieces. Smaller letters if you want to create a few simple words.

Supply list:

-Self-adhesive letters or decorative outlines
-Etching cream
-Paint brush (sponge)
-Rubber gloves and goggles

Always following instructions provided with the etching cream and practice safe habits when applying. After the letters have been placed on the glass, the etching cream is applied to the rest of the surface. Once it is washed off, you'll have a frosty surface around the lettering.

Make sure the surface is clean and dry. Peel off the letters and apply them to the glass. You may want to make sure the placement is how you want it before pressing down all the corners of each letter.

Now, it is time to don your safety gear.

Use the foam brush to apply etching cream. The instructions that come with the etching cream will state how long it should remain on the glass surface.

Under cool running water, rinse the glass and scrub lightly with the soft, old toothbrush. Dry your glass piece and the project is complete.


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