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Unique Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Add a little flair to all your gifts this holiday season with these creative ideas

It's never too early to think about gift wrap, even if you don't have a clue what will go underneath! This list will help you get started on wrapping up all those fabulous gifts for friends and family.

When you shop the discount stores and cruise garage sales, always keep wrapping ideas in mind. You may find trinkets and other unique objects that will be just the right object to top off your package.

Find sturdy old boxes and decoupage tissue paper squares on all sides and the lid. This is a great rainy-day project for any time of year.

Look beyond tissue paper for decoupaging projects. Use old Christmas cards for a traditional look.

Create small, inexpensive gifts for guests who drop by during the holiday season. These can be little candies or other goodies wrapped up in tulle and tied with a ribbon. This makes such a nice greeting and will always add to the spirit of giving during the holidays.

Other ideas for little gift giveaways include small red and green soaps, votive candles, and handmade sachets.

Layer ribbons to create a 3-D effect on a wrapped box. Use several widths and thicknesses and you'll have a very appealing and stylish look that's different from the typical single-ribbon gift.

Search the discount bins in fabric departments or stores for lacy ribbon - use it instead of the standard paper ribbons.

Dollar stores are an excellent resource for inexpensive ornaments - use them to attach to your gifts. Wire ornaments are also attractive as gift tags and, once removed, can be used on the tree.

Another 3-D gift effect is to use solid green wrapping paper and hot glue wrapped candy canes to the wrap. You can also use other brightly-wrapped holiday candies. One word of caution about candy - remember that chocolate can be lethal for pets, so be sure to keep these gifts out of reach.

Create a little suspense for those friends and family members who can't resist shaking packages. Tape a set of jingle bells or other type of noisemaker inside and let them start guessing away!

Lean how to create a few simple origami shapes and incorporate them into your gift wrap scheme.

If your handwriting is pretty, think about purchasing light-colored wrapping paper and writing your own good wishes on it. A calligraphy pen is also easy to use; practice a little and you may discover your own flair.

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