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Kitchen Recipe Boxes: Sentimental Treasures

Create sentimental and trendy treasures with updated recipe boxes

Even with the advent of Internet accessible recipes, there's nothing more wonderful than passing down great-grandma's favorite banana cake or distant cousin Winifred's best party punch. Recipe boxes can become sentimental collectibles and you can make your own updated version easily with spray paint, a glue gun and a touch of creativity.

Of course, once you have a decorated box, you have to fill it with delicious recipes! (continued below)


Recipe Boxes as Art

We've gone beyond the seashell adorned metal recipe boxes of childhood years. Beautiful and upscale pieces are arising from this smoldering classic classroom craft. In today's world, a trip to the local hobby and craft discounter will fetch a bushel of ideas and materials for fabulous kitchen recipe boxes.

In fact, your favorite hobby store will have just the right base - plain wooden boxes with hinges or snug lift-lids already in place. Spray paint comes in so many great colors, or you can choose from a wealth of craft paints and use a brush. Texturing is also a fun touch. If you're more artistically inclined, paint your own whimsical kitchen items on the exterior. Be sure to include a topcoat as well to make cleanup easier. Recipe boxes are for display and those food splatters will wash right off.

You can also theme your boxes for special occasions and fill them with appropriate recipes. Holidays, first apartments, weddings and showers are always great times to include favorite recipes. Appropriate ornaments are also easy to find and just as simple to apply.

If you're creating a recipe box for a bride-to-be, collect favorite hand-me-down recipes from all her friends - in handwritten form, no less. These are the treasures that will be most special in years to come. If possible, create a computerized version as well with card stock for more readable recipes to complete your gift.

Recipe Box Embellishments

When you're searching for embellishments and props, visit the miniatures section of the craft store. Children's departments are another place to look. You can find a host of small-scale kitchen items that will be adorable perched atop a recipe box lid. They'll be easier to clean, too, if they're in plastic or coated wood.

For more elegant pieces, especially for brides, you'll want to choose less durable items. Even when building an upscale look, keep in mind that they can still be displayed in a cabinet or on a buffet away from the food preparation area. Beaded items are appealing as well as small fabric flowers.

Sculpey clay is another favorite. You can choose from a host of colors and find easy ideas on-line for creating and baking your own embellishments. They may not be picture-perfect, but they will surely be originals. Once they're sealed, they're also easy to clean.

Give a recipe box a multiple personality and make the top adornment usable. Create a ring holder and add a set of wine charms, for instance. The charms are easy to make and they'll become a handy item that's always within reach. Look for jump rings that can be glued on the top with a small ornament to cover the spot where they're attached.

Other great items include refrigerator magnets. You may even want to pair them with metal recipe boxes. Repaint in a kitchen- or decor-friendly color first. Then add the magnets. For wooden boxes, use glue. The small photo-frame magnets are also a wonderful idea. Don't ignore decoupage as an alternative. These can be very retro. Shop flea markets for old cookbooks. Take advantage of both lettering and the dated food pictures. While you're cruising the aisles, keep an eye out for brooches that can be turned into adornments.

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