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Glue Guns a Fun Way to Create & Repair

Once you use a glue gun for any craft or home repair, you may never want to put it down.

The glue gun is a handy little tool that goes far beyond creating floral wreaths with endless possibilities for hundreds of projects around the house. Of course, it's still a mainstay for hobbies and allows for added creativity with little fuss.(Please scroll down for rest of article.)


Glue Gun Types

Glue guns come in several sizes and types, but a craft gun is what most individuals prefer. Professional guns are suited for industrial type projects. The main types of craft guns are:

-Dual-temps and multi-temps, like their name suggests, are versatile and eliminate the need for dual guns. These typically incorporate a range of nozzle sizes for the varied uses. Some report that glues respond differently in these guns, becoming too liquid at the higher settings.

-Low-temp models reach about 250 degrees F. These are excellent for lighter bonds on rubber, paper, and some fragile fabrics. Faster drying time.

-High-temp guns reach about 380 degrees F. They're ideal for projects that require more solid bonds, including ceramics. Slower to set up.

You'll also find guns for specialty projects, including working with Styrofoam.

Most of them operate from an electrical outlet, but some models are battery operated. They are incredibly easy to use and the almost-instant bond means less time waiting for projects to dry.

Because cords can be short on some models, use a power strip to eliminate tripping. Also, trigger types are the most common available and are safer to use than the older manual push models.

Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are not the classic paste that we think of when it comes to crafts. The sticks are a composite of materials include resins and polypropylene. That gives them the solid consistency at room temperature that quickly turns to a liquid when heat is applied. Sticks are non-toxic. Keep in mind, however, that at any temperature, glue can cause burns. Always supervise as needed.

Another great asset in using glue sticks is their ability to cool down quickly. You no longer have to hold or clamp a project for more than a few seconds or a minute.

The majority of sticks are designed in cylinder form. They will be either 5/16 inches for the mini-guns or 7/16 inches for standard sizes.

Colored and glitter glue sticks are among the newer offerings. These can be a lot of fun when adding embellishments such as wax-like seals. They also blend better with some craft type projects, including greenery loaded florals and holiday decorations. Keep in mind that most are not as strong as clear sticks. When using glitter, bond first, then add a thin layer of the fun colors.

Glues can be painted, too, which can expand the fun or creating new projects. Use acrylics or paints designed for ceramics.

Don't scrimp on price when it comes to glue sticks. In some cases, the very cheapest types are not effective as adhesives.

When using glue in projects that require support, always add reinforcements, such as brackets or wire.

Glue at any temperature can burn. Experts recommend keeping a bowl of cold water at hand. If a drop of hot glue lands on skin, just immerse. Also, wear heavier clothing with sleeves to prevent glue from penetrating.

Some drawbacks do exist with glue sticks. They will lose strength over time and can turn yellow. In the hot sun, the glue may also return to its liquid form.


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