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Make Magnets and Pushpins from Old Costume Jewelry

Old jewelry may not be your style for wearing, but can make a perfect magnet or purshpin ornament

If you like to comb flea markets and browse garage sales, you can easily find old jewelry that can be turned into stocking stuffers or small gifts for any occasion. A girl's bulletin board can be turned into a virtual showcase of antique ballerinas or bejeweled butterflies. Anyone who collects and uses refrigerator magnets would love to receive something out of the ordinary. If you know someone who works at home and uses a file cabinet, look for old jewelry that might be fun to attach to the front.

It's easy to convert old costume jewelry to magnets and pushpins. Brooches and earrings that are lighter in weight will work best for pushpins while magnets can support some of the heavier items.

You will need to remove the findings on the back and create a level surface. If that is not possible, you can always build up the difference between the magnet or pin with household glue. If you need a more stable surface, you can find use small metal washers from a home improvement store - they're inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. These can be leveled with the glue and then the tack or magnet can be attached to the metal.

Always make sure the piece is cleaned first. Use an old toothbrush to get into crevices if necessary. Polish and shine it up and it's ready to go. You can purchase magnets in different sizes at a hobby store. If you are making corkboard pins, purchase thumbtacks.

As you search for old jewelry, look for special items that can add to a favorite collection, such as the holidays. A blend of objects with a favorite color theme might be fun as well.

This is one project that is easy and inexpensive to create - you never know where you will find the next "antique" jewel!


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