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How to create a hanging mosaic for the deck

Create a simple mosaic design andhang it outdoors on the deck

If you would like to add a bright spot of color to your deck and want to create something original, think mosaic. Use the proper outdoor materials and your mosaic piece will last through most temperature extremes.

You can create this project in a weekend, not including curing time.

You'll need the same materials for creating any type of mosaic, except you will be placing your design on plywood - often referred to as marine plywood - that is rated for outdoor use. You should purchase at least the ½-inch size, but ¾ is preferred.

Determine the size of your final art and have the plywood cut to size. You can have this done at the home improvement store; there is a nominal charge per cut.

Click here for a supply list and basic instructions.

Rough up the surface with sandpaper for improved tile adhesion.

You will also need trim for the edges, which will give it a more polished look when you are finished. The trim should be flush with the bottom side of the board and wide enough to provide a ¼-inch lip on the top side. Use wood glue to attach the trim, then secure with 1 ¼-inch finishing nails after the wood has dried.

Before you go any further, decide what paint or stain you will use. Be sure to select an outdoor paint; it can match or complement the colors of your home or your deck. If you are creating a festive mosaic, then a move vivid color would look great. You can use a primer and water sealant if you choose. Paint the back of the board and the side trim.

Attach a hanger to the back toward the top and in the middle. The type of hanger we use is called a chest handle; it has a heavy-duty mounting plate with a contained handle. You'll find these at home improvement stores. Attach the unit so that the handle swings freely upward.

Once the hanger is screwed into the wood, you'll need to balance the top side, so it is level while you place tiles. Position blocks of wood under the bottom corners to level the board while you work.

As you set up the design, leave about half an inch between your outer mosaic tiles and the trim. You will fill this in with grout after the mortar has set up.

After grouting, follow the steps for curing.

Now you have an incredible outdoor piece of original art for very little cost.

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