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Join us in the creative process as we take you step-by-step through a few easy to make crafts for the home - both indoors and out!

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It's always fun to discover a new craft or add to favorite hobbies. One-of-a-kind pieces are wonderful gifts that other will treasure. Many of our crafts and gift ideas in this section are budget-friendly, yet beautiful and easy to make. Any time is a good time to start a project, especially if you're planning for the holidays or any-occasion gift-giving.

Some of our favorites include etched glass designs. These will really dress up drinkware, which is great for those who like to entertain. Think about these, too, for housewarmings and new couples. Of course, you may want a set for yourself.

Recipe boxes and decoupage techniques are projects that kids can help make. These can become real keepsakes for family members. While these are tried-and-true crafts that have been around forever, you'll surely find some fresh ideas and updates that go far beyond the end results you might remember from childhood.

You'll also discover some great ideas for wine lovers, including making your own gift bags for presentation. These are so simple, but everyone will love them. You can re-size the suggested pattern and use them for smaller items, too. Charms are also wonderfully easy to make and are great little add-ons when you're gifting someone with glasses or a favorite vino.

For the vintage lovers on your list (including yourself!), we've included some tips on turning your old jewelry items into something new. From buttons to brooches, there's a way to give them fresh life and another practical use.

Of course, there are a few tricks to putting together really terrific-looking gift baskets. You'll find a few ideas for themes that will save money without sacrificing on style. Everyone loves a mix of taste treats for the kitchen and the right basket will be kept for other uses, too.

Many of these craft tips and techniques will help add style to your own space. Even if you're on a tight budget, there's plenty here that won't break your pocketbook.

Once your gift is ready, you'll want to wrap it in a unique, personalized way. We've added some ideas for crafting a special outer look that will make your gift stand out even more.

We're always on the lookout for bargains, especially for baskets and small items that can be combined with nicer pieces. Keep a few of the basics handy, and you'll always be ready. Also, a small collection of simple tools, including a glue gun, will make any project go faster.

If you choose to create paper or printing based, crafts, we have you covered there as well. Go back to nature with some elegant Oriental rubbing and transfer techniques that will be true originals when you're finish.

In addition, with today's selection of high quality color printers, there's no reason you can't prepare the best invitations for your next event. You'll save tons of money and will discover entirely new ways to be creative. You don't have to be an artist, just fire up your imagination and read through our informative articles on making and printing your own specialty designs.

We think you'll also become a big fan of polymer clays after you see the wealth of creative ideas available on the Internet. There is simply no limit to their uses and we've put together some ideas to adorn your table setting throughout the year.

For bigger and bolder project ideas, go to the mosaic and concrete sections. There, you'll find easy ways to make planters and craft new tabletops. It's amazingly easy and, when cured, your new creation can withstand the test of time.

We hope you enjoy the variety featured here and are always adding new ideas for fun and useful projects. Stick around and see what's new. Next up, we'll be putting together a few recommended shopping items so you'll be able to easily get a few things needed for starting your own new hobby or craft project.

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