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Guide to Apple Decor and Gifts


It's easy to decorate and find gift items with an apple theme

Apple-lovers will be thrilled to receive these items as gifts. If you're an apple-lover, too, then you'll find plenty here to start your own collection.

Apples lend themselves to a country-decor style, but many products are also contemporary in looks and style. That means you can include an apple theme in your home, regardless of your decorating preferences.

Some of the unique hanging apple items include:

Chair covers that fit just over the tops of wooden chairs. These are easy to care for and definitely would brighten up a country kitchen.

Recycle bins. Wooden with apple design. Top flips open to receive recyclables. Room for easy lift-out bag.

Apple Basket Clock is in the shape of an old-fashioned basket with clock face on front of basket. A smaller, apple-shaped clock is just 3.5 inches and can sit on a bedstand or on a kitchen countertop.

You can also find wonderful curtains, tablecloths, and placemats in a variety of styles and apple designs. These will be great for a casual luncheon or afternoon get-together.

We found a Granny's Apple lampshade and red apple lamp that is just $25. The lamp is about 10 inches tall with shade. Base is nice, big red wooden apple.

If you have a decorative bowl, then you'll be able to find wooden apples to fill it. They're life-size, of course.

Other great gifts include: stained glass night light, candle snuffer, soap, and lotion dispenser, all crafted with the great apple theme.

Ceramics also make great gifts. These are all decorated with or in the shape of apples. Cookie jars, kitchen tool sets, pitchers, spoon rests, sugar bowls, creamers, salt and pepper shakers, napkin holders, and a complete tea set.

Trivet and burner covers, apple-shaped mugs, and photo frames are all fun gifts to place in a basket along with a handful of fresh apples.

For gifts with a unique twist, shop around for apple drawer pulls. They cast iron and antiqued; reasonably priced at $1.50 each. Apple basket-shaped business card holders are a different twist in office gear.

These are just a few, fun ideas to get you started in your search for gifts and decor. Enjoy.


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