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Create a Canopy Fit for a King or Queen

Canopy beds are famously elegant for their sweeping height and beautiful drapery

Canopies have long been tied to royalty and it is probably castles where they originated. In the earliest times, there were no bedrooms, only great rooms. Servants slept in the same quarters as their masters. Thus, the need for privacy led to contraptions that allowed draping around the bed itself. This was not originally by framework, but by special attachments far up on the wall or ceiling. Half-circle frames were called coronas, although it was common to suspend a larger section from the ceiling.

Even after bedrooms became popular, many of the wealthier lords and ladies required their assistants to remain nearby. During this time, also, the bed was a massive structure that became a focal receiving point for guests.

The popularity of canopies reigns today in many styles. It's a wonderful way to create visual warmth and to complement other furnishings. Even better, a canopy allows decorators to change fabrics with the seasons or to rotate varying colors.

When shopping for a tall four-poster or a frame with rails, you'll discover a style for every type of decor, from the most ornate carvings to trendy contemporaries. They're sold through Internet retailers and are readily available through mortar-and-brick home furnishings stores. Woods and wrought iron are fashionable, along with blends of the two and in every color and finish imaginable.

You can also craft your own, whether it's a simple half-circle with drapery at the head or a fully scaled dropdown frame. A few handyman tools and a knack with fabrics will give you an exciting new look that is easy to change or remove.




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