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Table Centerpiece Ideas for any Occasion

Here are a few ideas for centerpieces that can be adapted to any occasion or season

If you are stumped for ideas for a centerpiece for your next special occasion, here is a list that can be adapted to almost any type of event or party. For many of these, a simple change of color will work; for instance, reds and greens or blues for the holidays and orange or red shades for fall.

-Create several bouquets and place them along the length of the center part of the table. Wrap the stems in complementary-colored ribbons. Purchase extra blooms and scatter the petals around.

-Check the kids department for small-sized hats such cowboy or cowgirl styles or those made of straw. These can be filled with goodies or cut flowers.

-Miniature wagons can also be filled with small flower buds, trailing ivy, or candies.

-Fish bowls or clear glass containers can always be filled with marbles or craft stones.

-Champagne flutes or margarita glasses (plastic) can be spray painted and/or glittered and filled with clear or colored craft stones.

-Empty decorative boxes can be stacked or arranged as centerpieces. You'll find themed boxes at craft stores. If you have a unique hinged box, fill it with ornaments or found items from your yard. (Always wash found objects to get rid of crawling creatures.)

-Wrap your own small boxes in fun papers and stack them.

-Silver pails or buckets are inexpensive and easy to fill. Wrap with ribbon (red for Valentine's Day) and fill with chocolate or individually wrapped homemade cookies.

-Terra cotta plant pots can also be decorated easily. Purchase paint and add your own personal "swoosh" to the outside.

-Round Styrofoam can be turned into a bow topiary. Just use straight pins and cover the entire ball with bows in matching or random colors.

-Icicles and other types of streamers are great to use. They come in a variety of colors for many types of occasions. Note: be cautious when using these items around pets. The sharp edges can harm an animal's digestive system.

-The great outdoors is filled with natural objects of all kinds. Pinecones and greenery, of course, but even bare branches can add a trendy or elegant touch to a centerpiece. Leave branches natural or spray paint in appropriate colors.

-Candles are always a nice touch, but always use caution. Do not place them too close to flammable objects. If you use floating candles, be sure the containers are heat-proof; otherwise, they may break.

It's always good to have a few items on hand for last-minute decorating touches. A glue gun, glitter, spray paint, ribbon in several different colors, tissue paper, felt, craft jewels and beads, tulle, and raffia.




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