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Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Unique holiday centerpieces will add flair to the table

Decorating your table for the holidays can be much more than placing flowers in a vase or holly and pine in a pretty bowl. This very special time of year calls for creativity and color along with a little unique content.

If you have special dinnerware that comes out with holiday feasting, think about individual arrangements that complement your table settings. These are smaller, of course, but add a burst of color across the table.

Try grouping several items together to add a sense of depth and variety. Use several vases or bowls of the same style, but in different sizes. Fill the containers with flowers or objects that are monochromatic or complementary in colors, but vary the textures.

Fill a square glass container with colored or clear craft jewels. Add water and then carpet the surface with carnations or roses. Sprinkle the tops with glitter.

For a New Year's Eve celebration, use champagne buckets as containers.

Bring the outdoors in with gazing globes. Set them on small stands or group them in a larger decorative bowl. On a smaller scale, use holiday ornaments. Clear ones can add some dazzle with a little added glitter. A light dusting of gold or silver spray paint will also add a magical touch.

If you plan to use candles, try setting your centerpiece on a decorative mirror. The combination will make the arrangement appear larger along with another dimension of flickering color.

The table is a perfect place for displaying special collections. If you have several holiday-themed mugs or coffee cups, set them out and fill them with wrapped chocolates.

Don't forget placemats. They can add personality to the casual table and they do not have to match. Shop garage sales for unique or antique mats - beaded, woven, lacy - the original purpose may not have been intended for the table. You can also make your own - let the kids get in on the fun with felt and decorative scissors.

You can also find some fun material in the odds and ends bin in sewing departments. These can be quickly converted to placemats and let you change up the decor at each meal.

Centerpiece tips:

Make sure that your table arrangements are not so tall that they obstruct the faces of your guests seated across from each other.

A centerpiece should not be so large that service plates are crowded, either.

Avoid fragrances for two reasons: some people may suffer a reaction and you don't want the aroma to compete with food.




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