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Decorating with Big Bold Colors

Big bold colors are great - here are a few ideas that will help you decorate with them wisely

It is possible to incorporate big bold colors into any decorating scheme - the trick is to do it style and, in some cases, caution. Traditionally, these vivid hues have been relegated to contemporary decor and a teenager's bedroom. But if you have a newfound love of True Red or Funky Fuchsia, here are a few tips to get great mileage out of your favorites without overwhelming your space.

Create a focal point - use your color on one spectacular piece of furniture. It could be a new or refurbished sofa or loveseat

Put it on the floor - find a rug (or two) in your favorite color and let it speak. A neon color underneath a copper-toned coffee table would really make a statement.

Patterns and Textures - look for prints and fabrics that incorporate your color. These can be subtle, but will add warmth to a room.

Accessorize - pillows and throws are a great way to add impact that won't take over the other colors - or the room.

Big - paint one wall or all four. If you feel bold, paint is the most inexpensive way to liven up the space. The best part is that you can cover some of it up if it becomes too overwhelming.

Complement - Tone your bold color down with complementary items. Create groupings of candleholders, plant pots, or fruit in two or three additional colors that complement your bold shade.

Reduce the impact - simply choose a calming hue instead of your bold choice. You can still enjoy the tone without it being in your face every time you walk in the room.

You can always start small when introducing an unusual or bold color. Add it in the bathroom or in a bedroom if you're unsure how it will play out in your living space.

Bring in smaller items, such as pillows or candles to get a feel for a bold color's true appeal before you splurge on larger, more expensive items.





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