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Holiday Decorating Ideas on a Budget


Holiday decorating is an endless joy for many - here are a few inexpensive ideas for adding a festive look to your home

If you already have decorations around the home with a fall theme, it's very easy to make a few changes for the holidays with a few additional items. Keep your deep reds and greens dominant, but add hints of silver, gold, and blue. Felt and padded runners in holiday colors are a cost-efficient way to create a theme. Felt is a more casual look; use decorative craft scissors to cut around the edges. You'll have an instant design with no hemming.

You can also keep some of your autumn finds, especially twigs. Add pine cones - and branches if you can find them - and weave wire-frame ribbon in silver and gold throughout the arrangement.

Inexpensive glass ornaments can be used in a number of ways. Fill a large vase or arrange in a bowl; these can be situated throughout the home for an elegant look. Don't forget bathrooms for these.

Save the fronts of your old Christmas cards and decoupage onto sturdy cardboard boxes. You'll have instant memories each year to bring out of the closet and use for decoration. Scrunch up colorful material, add a plush bear or snowman for an old-fashioned touch. They can also double as storage containers for lightweight objects when you're ready to pack up for the year.

Ribbon goes a long way in adding special holiday decorating touches. Many discount stores will carry ribbon at a very reasonable price.

Raise a little nostalgia with gumdrops. Use toothpicks to cover styrofoam shapes or pick up a "gumdrop tree" at a garage sale or at specialty shops. You probably won't want to eat them afterward, but they'll be very pretty for a long time.

Twinkle lights can be hung in many places to add a romantic holiday touch. Large plants are the perfect candidates for a little extra adornment. Frame your French doors or even your kitchen bar or island just for fun.

Purchase inexpensive ceramic jars and add a swoosh of red or green paint, wrap a ribbon around the edge and fill with holiday finery. You can include beads, marbles, anything that will add to the marvel of the holidays.

These holiday decorating ideas are just a few of our favorites; they're so easy to create and most can be used from one year to the next.

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