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Guide to Home Decorating Styles


Tired of your old decor, but not sure what you want? Read this brief guide to decorating styles.

There are so many ways to decorate and as trends come and go, it may be time for you to look around your home and think about updating the look. If you are unsure about how to get started, this guide to some of the more popular decorating styles may give you some ideas.

Arts & Crafts
Also known as Mission. The focus is on spare, bold lines that are based on the expert craftsmanship of earlier days. Raw wood colors and deep browns and golds define the style while complemented with forest green, dusky rose, and ocean blue. Lighting style includes lamps with mica and copper shades. Fabrics and tiles in simple floral designs contribute to the Arts & Crafts style.

Bring East Coast ocean decor to your home with light breezy shades of yellows and a touch of navy blue. Wicker and whitewashed Adirondack chairs, bowls filled with natural items, and plenty of mirrors to reflect light will bring your cottage look together.

Ever-popular and lends itself to a wide range of themes from fruits to ducks to gingham checks and aged floral art. Eggshell blues and other cheery pastels promote a rustic look. Farm finds will fit right in rustic picture frames and favorite collections of thimbles and spoons.

French Country
Take country decor to the French countryside and imagine filling your home in the spirit of earthy reds and vibrant golds. Old lace and busy floral fabrics accent furniture that is textured in distressed painting technique. Open or glass-paned stands are home to dinnerware.

Take a sparse white background and fill it with in-your-face bold shapes and glorious impressionist paintings. Large indoor plants add warmth, but the "ah" factor is in creating a wide open space that leads the eye from bright white to bursts of color. Forget practicality, go for the beauty of the design.

The Asian continent provides an array of choices that are meant to create harmony and peacefulness within the home. Lacquered boxes, paper shades and room dividers, and miniature water gardens are popular decorating choices. Simplicity is key and bright colors mingle with subtle woodsy accents. Add figurines and art in strategic spots and complete the look with a subtle glow of small table lamps.

Bring the desert inside with adobe accompaniments and plenty of subtle colors. A touch of Mexico can be filtered in to complete the look, but try to concentrate on the styles of Native Americans and you'll easily achieve this style.

Time-honored for its warmth and family feel. Heavy fabrics, embroidery, and symmetry combine to make a cozy environment. Quality furniture is a necessity to carry an authentic traditional decor - so choose carefully among those old garage-sale finds. They may be better off in the garage until your next style swing. Bronzes, gilded items, and the warmest of earth tones all fit.

This style is fairly new, but very popular. Imagine walking into the room of someone who has traveled around the world, collecting unique and memorable items from each region. You can mix and match any colors, fabrics, and textures to achieve the tribal style - painted wood bowls, beads, faux exotic animal hides will complete the theme. Don't forget a cannibal fork from Fiji!

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