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Create special memory pillows and other goods from favorite old materials


Favorite event clothing or special fabric mementos can be turned into pillows and other unique items

You may have a favorite bridesmaid or prom dress that will, of course, no longer be worn. Or perhaps a lace tablecloth that is stained and unusable. It may have once been beautiful but is by no means heirloom quality. Even that old suede coat that is dirty at the hem and long outdated can be put to good use.

Turn your favorite memories into pillows and swags or even a purse. Many items that hold fond memories we may not be able to trash, but truly do not want to keep in our closets any longer. Now is a great time to get them down, cut them apart and make something useful that will last a little longer. Some of them may even become conversation pieces.

A lace tablecloth that is stained can be dyed or cut apart (around the stain) and applied as a swag over a window.

Still have a box filled with prom dresses from high school? Look at the unique embellishments and you can envision a nifty pillow incorporating those buttons and bows. The same goes for bridesmaid dresses. After all, what else could you possibly do with them?

You can purchase multiple sizes of foam or filling. All you need is the outer layers! With fuller skirting, you can make several pillows. Add trim or sew on additional decorative objects and you'll have a very eclectic - or trendy - pillow.

Old leather or suede coats that are unsuitable for donation can be turned into slouch handbags - don't worry about zippers, think flaps. (Note: for these you'll need a heavy-duty sewing machine, of course.) Or, simply use decorative-edged craft scissors or pinking shears and make some fun everyday placemats, coasters, or even no-sew wine bags. A little craft glue and you're set.

Old blankets can be turned into smaller throws. Just cut to size and hand stitch the edges with big bold opposing colors.

Old towels can be turned into pet jackets. You'll find some easy-to-sew patterns on the Internet - just add Velcro.

Spiff up any of these items with craft paints designed for specific materials. Add swooshes and swirls or create a sunburst or flower petals and add a button in the center.

It's easy to recycle and you don't have to give up any special memories!

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