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Teak: the Finest in Outdoor Furniture

Teak is not only beautiful, it will outlast other types of furniture by decades

Teak is among the finest of woods. It is a hardwood that, because of its high oil content, is resistant to weather extremes and will not splinter, rot, or warp, which is why it is a treasured choice for high-end boat decks. Insects do not typically attack or infest the wood.


The trees are generally harvested from sustainable forests and plantations in Southeast Asia, and Africa, with reportedly the best quality originating in Indonesia. The trees can reach heights of 100 or more feet before harvesting.

Teak is used to make beautiful furniture for both outside and indoors. Its greatest feature, however, is the fact that it will last for several decades without any care whatsoever. It does not require storage during winter and will show no ill wear when left untreated. Specially designed teak oils are available, but many experts suggest they are not needed. Left to its own devices, teak wood will turn to a beautiful silvery gray over time. Annual washing or the use of oil, however, will return it to the original luster. That is simply a matter of preference on the part of the owner.

Teak furniture is more expensive initially. However, since it will outlast other types of outdoor pieces many times over, it may truly be more cost-effective. There are basic styles that remain popular: a steamer or deck chair or a chaise longue for instance. Side tables, ottomans, trash receptacles, and umbrella stands are readily available. Fencing and trellises made of teak are also good choices for attractive outdoor landscaping.

Any style of teak furniture will be elegant in upscale settings and can partner with more modest decorating as well. Whether situated around a pool or tucked in a cozy gazebo corner, teak is a wood that will fit into any environment.





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