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Grandfather Clocks: Heirlooms at Any Age

Although often a sizeable investment, grandfather clocks are also a masterpiece of heirloom integrity

Grandfather clocks are stately and are often revered for their timeless announcing of the hours, along with the quarters and the halves. You may remember particular melodies at your grandparents' homes or even have grown up with one in your own living room or "parlor." Antiques are in demand are rarely inexpensive. Even the newest reproductions are considered an investment purchase, mainly because they're designed by masters and will last several lifetimes.

They are grand, indeed, these tall clocks that typically feature magical pendulums, weights, and ballasts. If none of those are present, they are merely called "floor" clocks. Nonetheless, you must choose your grandfather clock carefully, for it is sure to become a prized focal point wherever it is placed. Even tucked into a hallway, they manage to make their presence known.

You'll also discover many sizes that still officially can be called grandfather clocks. Wall mounts are wonderful if you have limited space. These are terrific for offices, too. There are many more floor designs to choose from and they range from the most traditional in style to very exciting contemporaries. In between, curios, bookshelves, and other mirrored delights are found.

Material construction is another dismaying choice. Woods and veneers are solidly beautiful as are the many metals that range from simple to ornate. You can select a cable-driven (using a key for weight setting) or chain-driven (setting the weights by pulling a chain) timing mechanism as well as dual or triple chimes that play multiple melodies (most typically Westminster and Ave Maria).

When purchasing a clock, you'll probably choose on price and style, of course. Other factors should be taken into consideration before you begin budgeting. First, some manufacturers (Hentschel in particular) use solid wood cases and offer customization options in construction and finish. Others, such as the renowned Howard Miller use a combination of woods and wood veneers. These are just as beautiful, by the way.

Be sure to make your purchase through a trusted retailer. Not only can you visit your local stores, but many reputable businesses operate with full on-line storefronts. They're happy to help you and are knowledgeable in grandfather clock craftsmanship.

Grandfather clocks are not gifts to be taken lightly, if you're considering one for a relative or friends. First, be sure they even want to add such an impressive piece in their homes. Second, they should be thrilled to hear the chiming throughout the day - if not the night - as that is so much of what makes memories of grandfather clocks.




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