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Placecard or Gift Tag Santa Hats


These fun placecard hats and gift tags are easy to make

Create your own miniature Santa hats with just a few materials and a little spare time. You can use them as place cards, 3-D gift tags, and even tree ornaments. Make several hats and use them in a festive centerpiece or as ornamental decor for the mantle or countertop.

Supply list

Felt (red) (cut in circles: 4 hats per circle)
White pompons
White faux fur for trim
Glitter and craft glue for personalization (optional)
Sewing machine or hot glue gun

For place cards, you'll need to cut circles of 10 or 12 inches in diameter. For gift tags and ornaments, use circles of 8 inches in diameter.

Cut the circles in half and then in quarters. Fold over and glue or sew closed. Take 1" or 1 ½ inches of fur trim and glue or sew around bottom of hat. You can leave gaps in the upper edge to place candy canes or decorated gift cards. Add a pompon at the top. Fill with scrunched up newspaper or red tissue paper to stiffen.

When your Santa hat is finished, it can be personalized or decorated with glitter.

These will also be very cute on smaller trees. Create a hat tree and use it in a guest room or foyer.


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