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Organization Basics for the Cluttered Life


We all want to keep clutter to a minimum without throwing anything away

It is so easy to become collectors of clutter. Most of us are guilty on many counts. While the organization experts encourage us to throw ninety percent of our stuff away, it goes completely against our human nature, doesn't it?

There are a few simple ways to keep clutter to a minimum and still not throw away the things you may "get around to" later. That's not to say you get to keep everything. Really, some of it has to go; this is just a gentle way of making the whole throwaway/giveaway ordeal less painful.

There is one main rule to keeping organized: Handle each item only once.

That means when you go through the mail, sort it, file it, label it right that moment. When you put laundry away, hang it, fold it, iron it, or stash it. When you work in the yard, put each tool back in its proper place instead of rounding everything up "later."

With that said, further organization may be required to keep your clutter manageable and invisible. The greatest investments you can make are in plastic storage tubs and containers, file and accordion storage units, hanging and file folders, and labels. Now you're set to manage all that paper clutter that stacks up on a nice clean desk or workspace. The initial investment is well worth the stress-free environment you'll be creating.

On paper, create your filing system. You may want to include a "read" file in an accordion folder. Here, you can tuck newspaper articles and magazines to be read at your leisure. Include a "to-do" file for current, active projects and an "idea" file for future jobs.

Older items can be filed accordingly and put in storage. (If you don't have storage space, then it is time to begin throwing things away!) Make sure that each file box and storage container is accurately labeled on the outside. Easy identification is one of the greatest time-savers.

Now, tuck everything away; get if off the desk and up from the floors. You'll save time dusting and vacuuming and can still put your hands on any needed item within minutes.

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