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Temporary Outdoor Shelters


Temporary outdoor structures are practical for long summer days

Looking for ways to extend the days during summer? A temporary outdoor structure is the perfect answer. It can be a simple tent top that is waterproof or be made with mesh sides that also protect from flying insects and the sun's rays.

The smallest units are designed to fit over the top of picnic umbrellas and allow you to be comfortable for seated entertaining. Larger shelters can encase a larger picnic table plus benches or chairs and is perfect for larger gatherings. Some of these are portable and will easily pack up for picnics or camping.

Mesh side panels are attachable to an existing awning or patio roof. Most of these will not withstand strong winds however. Sturdier structures are available as do-it-yourself kits and come with wood or metal frames. They will have weatherproof tops and side mesh panels. Options will include see-through plastic inserts for cooler weather. Some of these outdoor shelters are designed to remain in place most of the year while others can easily be removed for winter storage. The region you live in will determine when and if to store a shelter.

Once you have discovered the joys of extended summer outdoor enjoyment, you may be ready to create a more permanent shelter. These can be freestanding and installed on a concrete pad or designed as a sunroom addition to the home. The latter will require compliance with building codes and homeowners should enlist the aid of a contractor. For do-it-yourselfers familiar with concrete, the former project can be completed without the aid of a professional, unless wiring is required. Many options are available for free-standing units including sliding doors and ready-to-install glass for cooler months.

Temporary outdoor shelters are also available to cover pools and spas. These allow for plenty of air flow while protecting the area from flying debris. Homes on lakes and ponds are also prime candidates for shelters for extra protection from mosquitos.

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