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Decorative Painting Technique: Aging


Make your walls look comfortably older with this decorative aging technique

Walls can acquire a rich, Old-World look or grab the feel and warmth of an old farmhouse with aging. You can use glazes and paint colors to cover wallpaper or apply straight to painted surfaces that are in good shape without flaws.

Aging is one decorative painting technique in which you may want to include wall trim and baseboards for added appeal. Tape off the ceiling and make sure the floor is protected if you are including any trim in your coverage.

If you are starting with a light-colored wall, choose a somewhat darker glaze, preferably in brown tones. If the paint is darker, then you will want to use a lighter glaze for contrast. You will also need several soft rags.

Apply the glaze with a roller or a paintbrush and begin in the center of the wall. Stroke upward from the middle, then pick up from your starting point and roll downward. Work in areas - from floor to ceiling - in widths no larger than 36 inches.

Use a small, soft rag to begin blotting at the glaze. Use a soft touch to blend and dab from top to bottom. Do not press or rub. Do not work the glaze at its edge. You will want to pick up in this area when you begin glazing the next section. Once the two parts are blended, you should not see a visible line where you have worked it.

When aging wallpaper, you will want to choose your glaze tint carefully. The purpose of aging wallpaper is to, of course, make it look old. Do you want it to appear faded from the sun or from smoke? Always check with the experts at your paint supply store for recommendations, especially when tinting wallpaper.

For the trim, you will want to work in strips of no more than 36 inches as well. Allow the glaze to build up in the cracks and crevices to give it a more authentic appearance.

If possible, remove the tape before the glaze has dried entirely. If it begins to "pull," use an artist's knife and cut lightly into the glazed area without marring the surface.


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