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Give a Patio the Red Carpet Treatment


With so many people spending more time in the back yard, it only makes sense to add durable and decorative rugs to the landscape

Now that durable faux woods and wickers are available for long-lasting outdoor furniture, manufacturers are also designing the next generation of durable outdoor rugs. Even better, they're making them in a range of decorative colors and patterns.

As more people enjoy their back yard spaces, they're realizing that to create a "finished" patio look, rugs are required. Home improvement centers and on-line retailers are packed with the latest and greatest in designs. The rugs are made of synthetic plastics (polypropylene/Olefin) and are guaranteed to be "all-weather," rot and mold proof, UV resistant, and easy to clean. Simply hose away grit and grime.

Patio rugs may imitate woven or plush materials and many are reversible for a change of space. They are attractive enough for use indoors - especially in high-traffic areas. Sun rooms, poolside, in the gazebo or situated on a wood deck, they truly are the finishing touch that is needed for an outdoor decorating scheme.

The range of sizes and reasonable pricing are also attractive. An 8-foot round may run approximately $200; 9x12 area rugs can be found for around $300. Scatter rugs are available for as little $25. They're rectangular, sold as runners, or in rounds so there's no limit to the possibility of placement. Many retailers are also creating matching combinations of patterns and colors that complement all the standard cushion materials for the season.

Shop around - you'll find just as many price ranges as patterns. And they're at all your favorite stores.

For starters, we suggest:

Pottery Barn
Smith and Hawken


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