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Spoil Yourself with a Home Spa


Create your own spa experience at home - a little or a lot of comfort and relaxation

A relaxing life at home is moving well beyond the little gift bags with a pumice stone and tea tree oil. A growing interest in create a very personal home spa experience is raising interest from marketers and designers alike. In fact, many home remodelers are seeing an increase in bathroom change requests than they are in kitchens, which are traditionally the most requested room makeovers.

Just shop the bath aisles of any store and you're sure to find them packed with aromatics in all shapes and forms. Candles, soaps, oils, and even the latest: infused sponges. Specialty shops are even more exciting with a much wider range of fragrances that are sure to give you the well-being needed to face a cruel, tough world.

You can easily arrange for the ambience with a few of these exotic treats placed strategically (or with feng shui) around the bathroom. Invest in a few spa-style towels and robes plus teak floormats and other accessories and you're getting even closer.

On the higher end, many individuals are going a bit further. Heated floors and towel racks are among the essentials and they're not as expensive as in the past. They'll give you the essence of a commercial spa and you'll avoid the shockingly cold experience of a traditional home bathroom.

Look for specially designed shower heads that are designed to evoke a massage experience as well as the open showers that are also age and disability friendly. Vanity height counters (at 36" as opposed to 30") are among the hottest trends. Keep in mind, however, that this may be a blessing to taller people. However, if you're on the shorter side, leaning over to wash your face will leave you with water dribbling uncomfortably down your elbows and pooling on the floor.

In the far extreme corner, designs include the additions of soaking tubs along with saunas and even secluded outdoor showers. Mini-bars are popping up in this area, as well, for those who wish to sip wine and indulge in fragrant waters. A newer whirlpool design is now available and features hot air shots as opposed to water valves.

Hot tubs remain popular, but in updated versions that are lightweight and colorful. Even better, they hold less water and are easily drained after a weekend use. No chemicals and very little cleaning.

Now, you're all set to gather your favorite spa goodies, call a local contract, and create your own personal space for harmonious renewal.


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