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Create Great Spa Scents at Home


Dreaming of faraway places? Relax in your home spa with great scents.

You're ready to create a personal spa space and wondering which scents will work best? There are no limits to finding just the right aromas in candles, oils, soaps, and even the latest sprays. With the upward trending of home treatments, you'll find plenty of choices in your favorite stores and boutiques.

When shopping for scents, think about the mood you want to create. Think water, the beach, tropics, or a secluded mountainside waterfall. That's just the beginning, of course. Layer your home spa with music, candles, and scents in addition to the accessories such as warming racks for towels and thick fluffy robes. Even if you're not springing for a full-fledged renovation, it's easy to recreate levels of the spa experience with the right smells.

Think nature, including the greens and blues of water and lush plants as well as the natural earth tones of sandy beaches. Lavender and vanilla are reminiscent of times when people were less rushed, while most herbals, including green tea, will bring tranquility to your space.

When you're setting the mood for relaxation, it is essential to get rid of the clutter. Even small spaces can work as long as they're cleared of reminders of everyday life. If you're in a quandary, think of how commercial spas are designed. They're usually pristine and very clean looking. If you're adventurous, think about giving your bathroom a new coat of paint. Not only will it cover up a lot of grime, but the fresh smell is wonderful.

Popular scents for spa spaces include
-eucalyptus (to lift moods)
-lavender (lessen anxiety)
-sandalwood (reduces stress)
-lemon (clears the head)
-jasmine (eliminates fatigue)
-green tea (boosts alertness)
-berries (increases happiness)

Good color choices include
-orange (for energy)
-blue (for harmony)
-green (for emotional well-being)
-yellow (for happiness)
-purple (for tranquility)

If you're thinking about adding aromatherapy into your routine, deal with reputable agents and learn as much as you can before starting. Essential oils must be used with care to avoid sensitivity or adverse reactions. They're not the same as perfume oils, but can have many (although unproven) therapeutic benefits.

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